Lloyd Salomone (President), Ed Pupich (Past President), Tom Laughren (Vice President), Gord Conley (Treasurer), Joanna Conley (Secretary), Karina Douglas, Dr. David Leadbeater; Lesley Blanchard & Graham MacLaughlan (Honourary Members).

1953-1954 milk delivery in the laneways of Schumacher. Photo by Ted Vail.

1911-1912 McIntyre Mine building of Bungalo. Photo by Ted Vail.

Schumacher’s first Hospital. 1912. Photo by Ted Vail

The McIntyre Park Pond. Photo by Ted Vail

The Merri-Go-Round at the McIntyre Field Day at the Park. Photo by Ted Vail.

Bucket Line that carried ore from the Old Pearl Lake Mine Head Frame (no 5 shaft). Courtesy of the Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Center

Train engine #701 leaving Schumacher about to go under the Coniaurum Bridge.

Photo by Ted Vail

1938 Photo through St Alphonse Staple.

Photo by Carl Markerth.

Early Photo of St. Francis of Assisi RC School. John Perkovich Collection.

1960’s Girl’s Door at Schumacher Public School. Photo by Ted Vail

Schumacher High School Boys Door. John Perkovich Collection.

Pre 1971 McIntyre Mine Crew. Photo by Ted Vail.

McIntyre Mine 1936. Level 2350 #11 Drill Repair Shop. Photo by Ted Vail.

1911-1912 Jupiter Mine Crusher. Photo from the Lloyd Collection.